Spotte partners with offline, online educators, tutors and publishers to create amazing interactive experiences. Try these English/Thai lessons that include Amazons rich AI voices.

Super realistic voices!

Create lessons that include Amazon's AI based voices, that are crystal clear and perfect for learning languages. Options include speed, gender and speech style (conversation or newscaster).

Memory boosters!

Combine our exclusive flip card technology with Amazon natural voices to produce interactive lessons that boost recall. Our tap and flip styles are addictive and fun.

Exclusive no coding technology!

Spotte's no coding design, and template style methodology means we can produce interactive lessons in days, not weeks, reducing time and costs.

For all kinds of learning content!

Our technology and expertise can turn your skills, knowledge and content into an amazing learning experience that includes online courses, micro learning, staff training, onboarding and travel guides.

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Our world first technology and expertise helps digital educators create, market and sell their learning content.

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Our exclusive technology helps you quickly migrate static content to digital or create amazing new content.

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Learn how Spotte and our unique expertise can help you attract, engage and monetize a larger online audience.

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